Home Game Schedule

Notes for coaches

  • South Fraser District Assocation Game Schedules for U10 + can be found HERE. For home games, please see below.

  • Please keep to your fields and times as laid out on the schedules below.

  • Please instruct your players to not enter a field without their coach or team official present.

  • Please respect other teams by not intruding on their practice time and not staying past your allotted time.

  • If there is room on the side it is OK to warm up or stretch, but please no balls.

  • Please cooperate with neighbouring teams on the field and share nets or extra space now and then.

  • Do not turn on lights you aren’t using. Meaning: do not turn on baseball field lights. The light switches are labelled.

  • Be sure to turn off lights if you are the last team leaving.

  • Please return keys to the lockbox immediately after unlocking equipment boxes or light controls boxes and secure the lockbox.

  • Do not pocket or otherwise take keys with you.

  • If balls go into private property please do not trespass to retrieve them. Balls will be returned to the club later.

Email fields@ndysc.com if you have any questions.

Note that the schedules are subject to change. Check back often for updates.

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