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In the event that a BT game is tied at the conclusion of regulation time:  teams will immediately proceed to a penalty shoot-out to determine a winner. There is no over time.




Penalty shootout rules.




A coin toss will take place – the winner will decide if they want to shoot  first or second.


Teams will take alternate penalties.


All non-shooting players/Coaches must remain at centre field during the shootout.


Shoot out goalies who are waiting their turn in goal must stay way off to the side (so as to not distract the shooter)




5 Penalty shots each - taken from 9 meter spot (for U11-12) games and 12 meter spot for U13-18 games.




Normal penalty shot rules apply:


1 shot only – no hitting in rebounds.


Goalies cannot move forward off their goal line until the shot is taken (but can move laterally along the goal line prior to the shot being taken).


If a winner is established after 3 or more shots (i.e. one team scores enough goals to make it impossible for the opponent to catch up) then any remaining shots are not necessary.


If, after 5 penalty shots, the teams are still tied - teams will continue to take alternate shots (one round at a time) until a winner is established (one team scores and the other misses).


ALL PLAYERS (regardless whether they were on the playing field at the conclusion of Regulation time) are eligible to take a penalty shot...


Any player can be substituted into goal before or during the shootout.


If a goalie is injured during the shoot out, he may be replaced by a substitute goalie


Goalies can take penalty shots as well




The referee keeps a record of kicks being taken, shooter jersey number and if he scores or not.  


(HINT - Bring a pen and paper to the game to record this properly).




A player cannot take a second penalty shot until ALL the players on his team have taken 1 shot (including the goalies).




If a goalie moves off his line prior to the shot (an infraction) and the shooter misses or his shot is saved – this penalty shot must be retaken. If a goalie comes off his line prior to the shot (an infraction) and the shooter scores – the penalty counts and is not retaken.




Please make sure that all players, coaches, goalies or parents/fans do NOT distract the shooter.




The Referee’s decision on all matters relating to the penalty shootout is FINAL and BINDING.








Created by: NDSC -- Last updated:Mar 10, 2014