DeltaAssist needs our help! - August 17, 2018

DeltaAssist is currently low on emergency Emergency Care Kits.  The emergency kits are used to support people in Delta who have experienced an emergency evacuation from their home due to a fire or tragedy, as well for woman and children feeling abused. These kits provide basic supplies that help provide a bit of comfort for persons who may have no belongings to call their own in a time of great distress.
The North Delta Soccer Club would like to assist DeltaAssist with collecting items for these kits.  If you would like to donate some items, we will be having a drop off on Monday, August 20th from 5:45-7:30pm @ Delsom Turf (south end of the field).   Our goal is to collect 50 of each item.  Based on the items received at the drop off, the NDSC will donate remaining items.
Here are the items needed for the emergency kits:
  • ziploc bags (small)

  • deodorant (men and women)

  • shaving cream (men and women)

  • razoors (both men and women)

  • kleenex

  • body wash

  • pens & notepads

  • kids toothpaste/toothbrush

  • coloring books/toys

If you have any questions at all, please feel freel email Sonia at

Junior Coaches Wanted - August 12, 2018

We are currently looking for Junior Coaches for our August Summer Group Training.  Junior Coaches must be the age of 14+ and be available for both days they sign up for.  Junior Coaches will be assisting with setting up fields and taking them down along with assisting the Staff Coach who will be running the session.
Please click on link below for details and to sign up!

Thank you!

Open Registation Dates - August 1, 2018

Ethan Nolan promoted to HPL - July 23, 2018

Ethan started playing soccer when he was five years old with the NDSC playing on teams and attending many of the Spring Break camps.  He played for many years but took a break when he first entered high school returning midway through his grade 9 year. NDSC welcomed him back with the opportunity to play on the U15 team. Unfortunately, during the last game of the season his lower leg was broken and had to have surgery to stabilize his leg with a metal rod & 7 pins. At that time, Ethan was told it would be up to a year before he could play again. 

Due to his love of the game and motivation to return to his team, he worked hard to recover and was able to play the first game of the season with the U16 team coached by Dino Chies. Ethan went on to play for his school’s senior soccer team and joined the Delta School District’s Soccer Academy hosted at Sands. There he was able to further his recovery and develop his skills with the support and guidance from NDSC’s Technical Director Martin Bittengl and other Coaches. 

Ethan acknowledges that without the support from his past and present coaches at NDSC he would not be able to play at the BCSPL level or recover from his injury as soon as he did.

NDSC is very proud of Ethan!  Congratulations on your promotion, we wish you all the best!!

Referee Clinic registration OPEN - July 22, 2018

Spring Equipment Returns - June 18, 2018

  • U5-U10:  Tuesday, June 19th  6:30-8:00pm AND Thursday, June 21st, 6:30-7:30pm @ Mackie Clubhouse
  • U11 +:    Friday, June 22nd, 6:00-7:30pm, @ Delsom Equipment Room

PARENT MEETING (U8-U10 DEV) - June 13, 2018

Training Sessions Cancelled TONIGHT! - June 13, 2018

Hello Parents,
Due to the current weather conditions in Delta, we are cancelling all training sessions this evening.
In the event that the weather changes and your coach would like to proceed with the training session, they will contact you directly.
Thank you.

Important Information 2018.2019 Season - June 13, 2018

Dear Members,
We have been hearing a great deal of talk about the U8-U10 programs and the rep programs for most ages for the 2019-2020 season. Unfortunately, as there is talk, the facts usually get distorted and we are hearing varying stories. We are writing you to let you know what exactly is happening;
  • We have new directive from BC Soccer and our District about the U8-U10 "PDS" programs and we are currently putting those together. This means  there will be some form of "PDS" for fall 2018-2019. That process has already started.
  • For the fall 2018-2019 season we will not be changing the program structures for the U11 through U12 Dev. or Rep programs.
  • We are currently working on a few program changes for the 2019-2020 season for our U8-U10 "PDS' and our U11-U14 rep programs. These are outlines that we have put together but they are not going to be implemented till the 2019-2020 season.
  • Before these changes are in place, we will have a full disclosure of information for all members to understand. We will be discussing this with the members very shortly so you will have your ability to give your input.
Something to consider for the future of the Club and our programs. We are constantly being compared to other clubs in the area and other private academies by our membership. In order for this club to survive and stay a viable Club we will have to make decisions that may not be ideal for all, but be better for the greater good of the Club. We promise that the membership will have a stake in these decisions. I can assure you that no decision is ever made without the upmost of consideration. There is a team of people from this club including Technical Staff, Board Members and Members at Large that have input into the decisions. The world of club sports is ever changing and in order for our storied club of 52 years to stay that way, we will have to make the tough decisions together. We no longer host the highest level of soccer. We are now considered a feeder club for the DCS and the HPL programs from U13 up. If we can come together as a Club and put a plan together, we can ensure the viability of NDSC for many more years to come and find our spot in this ever-changing soccer world.
It is the goal of myself, our staff, our President and the Board of the Club to protect and make sure that the youth of North Delta have a soccer club to play in. We have already been proactive on many decisions over the past 4 years that have proven to work and have put the Club where we are today. We still have a long way to go but we are working tirelessly to get there. 
We will continue to be looking to the future while being mindful of our past. We will continue to send communication to you as things become formalized. We will continue to work hard for the members of NDSC and this community.
In the meantime, enjoy the great weather and we will see you all out on the pitch.
Steve Rothmund, Director of Soccer Operations

Spring Coaches Game - this Friday night! - June 13, 2018

Calling ALL Spring Coaches!

Come out for a Friday evening of fun with a friendly game against fellow NDSC Coaches.

After the game, join us for a BBQ at Delsom Meeting Room

Be sure to RSVP as we need to know how many coaches are attending so that we can purchase food items! 


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