Age Group:  U11 + (1 person per team for equipment drop off)


  • Saturday March 3rd: 10 to 11:30am @ Delsom Equipment Room

  • Wednesday March 14th:  7:00 to 8:00pm @ Delsom Equipment Room


We will have another return date after the Surrey Mayors Cup Tournament as I know a number of teams are signed up for that one.  Date to follow.

Please email to make an appointment on one of these dates so that we can spread everyone out evenly to minimize the wait times.

Jersey(s) and North Delta logo'd shorts are to be returned (washed) in good condition.  We do not have any shorts in the equipment room that are plain with no logo, therefore everyone received shorts with a logo on it.  PLEASE ensure that each pair of shorts collected is checked at the time of receipt for this logo and marked off for each player.  It is very easy for parents to get confused with Spring soccer, academy etc so we need to make sure the proper shorts are returned if the deposit cheque does not want to be cashed.


Jerseys are to be returned on a hanger with the shorts hung by the draw string hung over the hanger.  For rep players both jerseys can be hung on the same hanger.


For any equipment questions, please contact the equipment coordinator:

U11-U18 equipment –


Age Group:  U6 + (1 person per team for equipment drop off)


  • Wednesday March 14:  6-8pm  @ Mackie Clubhouse

  • Friday March 16:  6-8pm  @ Mackie Clubhouse


For any equipment questions, please contact equipment coordinator:

U6-U10 equipment –


Important things to remember when returning all equipment and uniforms:

  • Make sure you have ALL of your team uniforms and equipment. If you do not please wait for next Equipment date for your return.

  • Uniforms must be clean and washed

  • Coaches bags need to be returned and cleaned out!

  • Suggestion: have players drop off their uniforms at your home, in a bag with the players name on a piece of paper in the bag. This way you will know whom it belongs to.



Requirements for team equipment and uniforms pick up

A  uniform deposit will be required from all players at all age levels, please email the age group coordinator for details.

All players are now required to submit a  uniform deposit cheque to their coach, made out to NDYSC, post dated to March 1st at the end of the season. The Club will hold onto these cheques – if a uniform is not returned and the coach has made several efforts to obtain the uniform, then the Club will cash that players’ cheque.


Spring Coach Equipment

If you are planning on coaching for spring, all of your equipment still needs to be returned. Exceptions will be made to those who are preparing for tournaments. There will be a separate Spring equipment and uniform distributions dates.

Contact Us

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    Box 71039
    7921 120th Street
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