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Please be advised that BC Soccer has recently published its Concussion Policy, which states that “All active members of BC Soccer shall have a Concussion Management Plan for registered players and their families.” The full policy and additional concussion related resources can be found on BC Soccer’s website through the links below.

BC Soccer Concussion Policy

BC Soccer Players' Health: Head Injuries and Concussions

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool - CATT

Concussion Toolkit for Players & Parents

Concussion Online Training for Coaches

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Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards and Policy

Click here to view the Policy as per BC Soccer.


No Parent Approach Rule/Policy

Parents will not be allowed to approach any game officials at any time during or after the match.   This includes the volunteer AR.  If there are concerns and or queries, parents can approach team officials to approach the officials or use the proper channels through their clubs representatives to discuss the game's officials.  If parents are found approaching game officials (referees) during or after the game, a warning will be sent to both the club and the coaches.  A second warning will result in either a suspension for the coach and or a fine to the club. 




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