2017/2018 Registration

Our Fall/Winter League Registration is now open!  Please read all the information below on fees, early bird fees and any other additional fees that may apply.


Registration Fees


  • Early Bird Discount - Registrations completed up to May 31, 2017.  Please note that Early Bird Discounts do not apply to U6 players. Please note that early bird fees must be received or payment arrangements confirmed with registrar@ndysc.com within 30 days of registration to qualify for Earlybird discount.

  • Regular Registration Fees - Registrations completed from June 1st to August 1st, 2017

  • Registrations received after August 1st will be subject to a $25 late fee which is included in above fees.

  • It is important at competitive levels to complete your registration by August 15th to be included in finalized team lists


Additional Fees for players in Rep/PDS Teams:

  • An additional rep fee of $125.00 is payable if your child makes a Division 1 (Gold), Division 2 (Silver) or U11 Developmental Team.  This fee is non-refundable once a player has accepted a position in these teams.

  • Players invited to play PDS have an additional fee of $125 payable. The fees is non-refundable once a player has accepted a position on a PDS Team.


Fall Refund Policy:

  • Refunds after August 1st are subject to a $50 administration fee . 

  • No refunds after the first Training Session . 

  • Please email registrar@ndysc.com to request a refund and the reason for the refund

  • Rep teams: Players who have accepted a position on an NDSC MSL/Div 1 or Div 2 team are not eligible for a refund if they leave after 48 hours of accepting a position on a rep team to play on another club's MSL/Div 1/Div2/Gold/Silver/Rep team.

  • No refunds will be provided to due to weather cancellations.



          Click on the below link to register for our Fall/Winter League.


          For Information on U5 Program (Born 2013) please go to U5 Intro to Soccer Program

Program Information


U6-U10 Mini Program

The U6-U10 Club Program will participate in one training session and one game day from September to March. Games are scheduled on Saturdays and will be played at one of the fields in North Delta and ending the season with our Herb Betts Jamboree.  All teams will practice once per week with their volunteer team coach.  For the U6 and U7, they will be training on a Turf/Grass field until the Thanksgiving weekend, after that they will be training in a school gym.

All teams at the mini/micro level will follow a club curriculum. Coaches will receive professional instruction on coaching philosophy, organization and session structure through the clubs weekly coach development program provided by our Technical Staff.

The curriculum of the Micro Development Program is designed to meet the learning objectives of Learning to Train (Stage 3) of the CSA’s Long Term Player Development Pathway. By allowing the professional staff to support every player/coach in these ages, it ensures that everyone receives a consistent coach and player development seasonal plan.


U8-U10 Prospect Program

The U8-U10 Prospect Teams will participate in a season from September to March. The PDS Program is a “training focused” player development program for highly committed, like-minded players who consistently demonstrate a high level of technical and tactical abilities.  Although “FUN” and overall athlete development are emphasized at all levels of the mini program, players in the PDS Program are expected to demonstrate a superior level of discipline and focus.  The PDS Program is designed for committed players who make soccer a priority over other sports and activities.  Player development is emphasized over game play and competition in all aspects of the mini program, including the PDS Program.

The players identified will train two times per week, one within their own team and another with a Technical Staff Coach overseeing PDS teams train. Games will consist of a weekly game in the Premier Development Series (PDS), as well as exhibition games and participation in local tournaments throughout the season.


U11-U18 Club Program

Our U11-U18 Boys Club Program, season runs from September to March. The club’s goal is to provide resources to all players, and help players and teams reach short and long term goals of development, through our extensive partnerships, training, academies, and player development. During the season, players are expected to attend practices once a week and play 1 game.

This stage focuses on identifying and developing players and coaches for advancement to higher levels.

As the need for technical proficiency continues, players of these age groups and levels will participate in a Technical Development program for technical/tactical practice sessions, “possession with purpose”. This methodology ensures the developmental priorities of the players technical and tactical needs are being met. The training for this program includes dribbling, turning, passing & receiving, and shooting.


U11 – U18 Rep Team Program

The purpose of a Rep Team is to provide an opportunity for qualified players to compete at a higher level of competition with players that are like minded. For returning players, the identification of these players is done through a (past) season-ending assessment by the player’s team Head Coach and an a assessment process incorporating 2 or 3 assessment sessions observed by evaluators and the rep team coaches.

  • To provide high quality, competitive Rep team programs which will further the development of players and coaches towards as high a skill and proficiency level
  • Encourage excellence and sportsmanship amongst Rep team players and coaches, and
  • To enhance each player’s enjoyment of the game of soccer.

To play at any Rep level will involve a greater commitment of time, travel and additional costs by the player, with the greatest commitments being required at the higher Rep level(s) in each age group.

During the season, parents and players can expect that Rep practices will be held at least twice a week with a possible additional functional or fitness-focused session, and one game per week. It is also highly recommended that players participate in a core conditioning or related skills session once a week, in addition to practices.


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